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    Ah, the 90s: When the Nazis systematically gassed 9 million and anyone who said otherwise was a Holocaust denier 

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      The Great Replacement: Chicago 

      Chicago was once American socialism’s heartland. It was Saul Alinsky’s base. It hosted the International Socialist Review. Eugene Debs called it “the paragon city.” “CHICAGO WILL BE OURS!” screams the socialist organizer at the end of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.

      It was also the place where the Old Left’s dreams collapsed in the face of racial reality. Martin Luther King Jr. famously suffered a crushing defeat when white workers and union members turned out to oppose his desegregation efforts. Chicago police, backed by Democrat mayor Richard Daley, brawled in the streets with New Left demonstrators at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. By the next year, the Black Panthers were promising to “kick [the] asses” of the mostly white Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) radicals and bring a new consciousness to the city and to America:

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        An exposé on how Hollywood and the mainstream media manipulate the multitudes by spreading propaganda throughout their content. 

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          'In true Huxleyan dystopian fashion, with each passing day the fate of the liberalized world rests atop “a pale tenuous membrane,” veering ever closer towards systemic planetary collapse' 

          The End Of Neoliberalism?

          The accelerationists among our ranks will chortle that collapse is a good thing. They believe that civilizational collapse will pave the way for a “new world order,” images of valiant last stands reminiscent of those envisioned by William Luther Pierce’s The Turner Diaries or James Mason’s Siege first and foremost in their minds. While the more grounded elements of our movement—those interested in gradual, and realistic metapolitical, and eventual political change—tend to take another view. Realistically speaking, collapse would be a nightmare, wrought with unimaginable suffering and death. Moreover, presumably many of the victims would be our fellow Whites. Political disintegration is a recurring theme throughout world history, and as the study of history has taught, its seldom a pleasant phenomenon:

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            Sean Jackson Interviews Dr. Ricardo Duchesne 

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                Did Huawei bring down Nortel? Corporate espionage, theft, and the parallel rise and fall of two telecom giants 

                Jonathan Calof was on a tour of Huawei Technologies’ Shenzhen, China campus not long ago when he unexpectedly came across some familiar faces.

                On a wall of fame for stars of the Chinese company were several former employees of Nortel, the Canadian telecommunications giant that suffered a spectacular collapse a decade ago.

                “These are (now) Huawei employees associated with great technological accomplishments … and I recognized so many of them,” said Calof, a University of Ottawa business professor who was visiting the site with MBA students. “At one level you’re proud to be a Canadian, at the same time you’re upset to be a Canadian.”

                Also an article from 2012 called, ‘Nortel haked to pieces…’

                Under mounting pressure to prove China-based hackers had infiltrated the vast global computer network of Nortel Networks Corp. all the way to the chief executive’s terminal, Brian Shields felt he had no choice but to go rogue.

                Armed with nearly two decades doing security for the now-defunct Canadian company whose technology still powers telecommunications networks around the world, he had spent a day just before Christmas 2008 digging through the Web browsing history of then CEO Mike Zafirovski, known to colleagues as ‘Mike Z’. Mr. Shields was convinced there were criminals working on behalf of China’s Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. accessing the CEO’s files, but his hunch hadn’t been enough for his immediate bosses to grant him direct access to the top man’s PC:

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                  China: Beating Us With Our Own Weapons 

                  The People’s Republic of China currently enjoys a $30 billion dollar trade surplus with America. More importantly, say the authors of this important study, she is exporting to us manufactured goods of increasing technological sophistication, while the principal US export to China is, “literally, scrap and rubbish.” China produces a million more automobiles than America and is now outpacing us in domestic computer sales:

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                    Taking A Stand 

                    It takes many centuries for this rot to fully rip the heart out of a civilization, but it did it successfully to the West in the period of the world wars. We thought we were winning, but really we were fighting for the triumph of an illusion that would then rule us unto our end:

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                      The 1984 Movie, ‘Gremlins,’ Was The Canadian Version Of, ‘Married With Children’ 

                      Kids act like gremlins when adults aren’t around.

                      What was with all of the Asian kids in films in the 1980s?

                      It was to convince the richer white boys who had gone to school with a lot of Asians that they had Asian friends.

                      While you know mostly everyone in the class by grade 5, you’d only have 1.5 to 4 friends.

                      It’s common for a 12-year-old boy to have one best friend that he hangs around with all the time.

                      In the 1960s and 1980 college kids were more gay positive than blue collar kids.

                      By the 1990s and 2005 blue collar kids were more gay positive.

                      (Being gay positive meaning that you really didn’t care who was gay or not).

                      Here are three scenes from, ‘Gremlins,’ that you should watch before reading more…


                      In the late 1980s TV shows started to get edgy.

                      I’ll explain what, ‘Gremlins,’ is really about using characters from, ‘Married With Children.’

                      Here is the son of the show, Bud Bundy at age 10, and Al Bundy aged today…

                      The place is Toronto, Ontario – Year 1988

                      “Bud! Get in here!”

                      “Yeah, grand dad?”

                      “That Asian guy who runs the convenient store
                      was just here in a rage. He says you’ve been
                      stealing cigarettes from his store.”

                      “I didn’t grand dad. His son told me to 
                      wait outside and then gave me a pack.
                      It makes me feel special. He
                       wouldn’t give cigarettes to
                      a boy with brown eyes
                       or freckles.”

                      “But your lying.”

                      Well maybe he’d give cigarettes to the boy
                      with blond hair and freckles but I
                      think he has a girlfriend.”

                      “What? No I mean that Asian boy wouldn’t do 
                      anything like steal from his dad. I’ve been in
                      that store. He works alongside his father.
                      When’s the last time you mowed the

                      “Last week.”

                      “Ever since your mom ran away with that American
                      guy who came to Canada to get away from his
                      black ex-wife and they moved to Calgary
                      because it’s the most heterosexual
                      city in Canada and your dad
                      killed himself, I have
                      to take care of


                      “Plus I don’t want to do anything to piss Asians off.
                      We live next door to the mostly white hetero-
                      sexual country of atomic weapons and
                      black basketball players. They bombed
                      them; That’s why they’re over

                      “I gave the Asian store owner your mom’s 
                      smokeless ashtray. He was happy and
                      was on his way. What did you do
                      with the cigarettes?”

                      “Welllllll. I smoked one and gave the 
                      rest to some girls who are two 
                      years older than me and
                      we hung out for 10

                      Going to school with mostly white people and Asians and some other minorities, Canadian Bud Bundy was going to a poorer school.

                      There was a high turn over rate as people moved and went to other schools. Many of his former friends were gone.

                      Boys in grade 9 all thought that they had been popular in junior high school.

                      Few noticed when skinny boys dropped out and fat guys regained the popularity that they had in grades 5 and 6.

                      The Asians in General now had contempt for Bud as they now all paid attention to the boys who looked like him in Advanced.

                      Bud acted crazy but the people around him were acting crazy, too.

                      He went to the office and asked if he could be in advanced, too.

                      They said it was too late and he would have needed an at least 70% in the first place.

                      He smoked pot and really started stealing cigarettes.

                      He ran away from home and wound up in a mostly white town.

                      He hid out at a high school there, pretending he was a student.

                      Sleeping on the grounds a retired gym teacher who still volunteered found him and now Bud said that he just wanted to go home.

                      So he drove him home.

                      But after being gone for almost two weeks Bud’s grandfather began to suspect that he had been with a pedo.

                      And was doing drugs.

                      And Bud’s life went further downhill from there.

                      Amidst the homophobia AIDS had created, going to school with Asians marginalized the white male students. They were overly vain and immature.

                      Boys From Brazil (1978)

                      Mysterious Skin (2004)

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