More slaves went to Cuba than US. A lot more went to the Middle East where they were castrated. Is that in, ‘Roots?’


Wow.  White folks really are wicked. 

At any rate, this is the only judgment for a viewer to make upon watching the History Channel’s recent remake of Alex Haley’s Roots.  

A mini-series coming in at over eight hours and airing over four nights, the newest Roots features numerous white characters: men, women, and children; Union and Confederate soldiers; British Red Coats and colonial American troops.

With a single exception—a white female Union spy—they are all portrayed as evil.

Granted, some white characters are more sadistic than others, but virtually all—including the children—are indistinguishable from one another with respect to their unrelenting obsession with subjecting blacks to every conceivable kind of torture.

Indeed, it is no stretch to say that the villains of Roots are about as nuanced—and evil—as such iconic comic-connish villains as Darth Vader and the Joker: