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    Trudeau’s Manipulation is causing internal rifts inside the Liberal Party 

    The “big thinkers” inside the party are becoming worried about Trudeau’s blatant attempts to hustle LGBT votes (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-sexual groups). His actions on the LGBT front have created “quite” a reaction from the muslim caucus in the liberal party. As I am hearing things, the rift arose when the rather large muslim component of the present liberal caucus found voice and began openly complaining: http://alt-right.ca/4Pf9t

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    The Original Alternative Right Blog On The Explosion Of Interest In The Alt-Right 

    Even though interest in the Alt-Right has been growing strongly this year, there has also been an explosion in Alt-Right or pseudo-Alt-Right sites and content. Even though many of these sites are of “variable” quality, they have the benefit of novelty. This makes it relatively hard for established Alt-Right sites, like this one, to grow audiences rapidly despite the sharp rise in interest in our movement: http://alt-right.ca/pD9NJ

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    Why are only Western nations committed to immigration and diversity? 

    Why would an entire people commit itself to its own dissolution. Is not the supreme principle of Darwinian theory the struggle not only for individual survival but also survival of one’s group, which entails an ethics of in-group cooperation and out-group derogation? How did it come about that such powerful instincts for in-group preference and loyalty have come to be seen as odiously racist amongst Whites, whereas in-group preference is taken for granted in the rest of the world and, more insanely, special group rights are legally sanctioned for minorities inside Western nations? http://alt-right.ca/5MkM3

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    Chinese Multiculturalism in Richmond, BC: Andreas Kargut’s Plea For Help 

    I am writing this article to share with you a part of the housing crisis not many Canadians might be aware of. The influx of foreigners purchasing local Richmond and Vancouver property (and across Canada) has created difficulties for those Canadians seeking a family life, which I would like to share with you: http://alt-right.ca/mTDUW

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    Rich College Kids Don't Know Anything About WW2 History? Solution: Kill More Poor White Students! 

    After school boards Hitler/Holocausted white students from poorer families to death to create #POC and teen LGBT, Rhonda Fink-Whitman can find $30 000+ tuition-paying Penn State college kids that don’t know anything of the Holocaust…


    Tax Dollars At Work: Repetitive Holocaust Studies Caused Teen Suicide…

    ‘Facing History and Ourselves,’ is a non-profit organization in the United States, founded in 1976. The group develops educational material on prejudices and injustice in American and European society, with a focus on Nazi Germany and The Holocaust. The organization is based in Brookline, Massachusetts with 180 staff members in the main office and in other U.S. states.In 1989/90 America turned up the volume on black culture. As blacks went from being moderately  cool to being ultra cool, they alienated the blacks that didn’t fit in. The suicide rate for black youth doubled.

    As society and history classes focused more and more on the holocaust, with educators pushing the idea that all Germans were willing participants in it, boys sucked in their chests and realized that, if they fit in they had nothing to compensate for so they wouldn’t holocaust anybody. And girls knew that the bullies and racists when they were 12 were boys.

    In 1989/90 it became the secret policy of the Waterloo County School Board that all of the homophobia that had been created by AIDs would be downloaded onto boys with dark or red hair and freckles. Students played it forward: Teachers of bird classes inflated the marks of pretty white girls so that boys who fit in wanted to sit in class with fat guys or uglier redheads to make themselves look good infront of the women. White boys with dark complexions became increasingly conservative.

    The suicide rate for white youth went up 25% in the early 1990s.

    Posing as a teacher I sent this message to, ‘Facing History And Ourselves,’ two weeks ago. Surprisingly, they still haven’t gotten back to me…




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    Justin Trudeau Promises More White Genocide! 

    A recent quote from Justin:

    “Women and girls are less likely to get an education, more likely to be impoverished, and face greater risk of disease and poor health.”

    This just in…


    And then there’s this…



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    A Response To Hillary Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech From VDARE 


  • Hockey_Sweater 9:00 am on August 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Daniel Radcliffe Stars In New Movie About Nazi Menace 

    In the 1990s everyone was completely brainwashed with the 500 or so Neo Nazis being the most brainwashed of all.


    Harry Potter says this about his new movie…

    “The biggest insight it gave me was the extent to which everything is a fucking part of this global conspiracy.”

    Would that be part of the same global conspiracy where educators worked with Hollywood to download AIDS homophobia onto skinny boys with freckles via repetitive Holocaust studies?

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    Reclaiming the English Language from the CBC 

    To preserve all those wonderful green spaces that we love, planners propose to cram more and more of us into smaller and smaller urban compartments. After all, Canadian urbanites must move over and squeeze tighter and tighter to make room for all the refugees and Chinese billionaires this country needs to make it more ‘diverse’ and ‘vibrant’. We must remain a “Welcoming” country, the “Home to the World,” and to seal the deal, designate our bulging metropolises as “sanctuary” cities for illegal — oops — ‘undocumented’ visitors: http://alt-right.ca/MHa9H

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    Justin Trudeau’s Solution To A Failing Economy: More Mass Immigration 


    Justin Trudeau wishes to attract even more Chinese investors and migrants to Canada, including vast numbers of “temporary” foreign workers.

    More immigration is Justin’s solution to our economic woes as it will “give Canada’s economy a boost in the midst of a soft patch.”

    But concerns are growing that illicit cash from China is pumping up house prices, particularly in Vancouver.

    Immigration Minister John McCallum met with officials in Beijing this week in an effort to increase the number of offices across China where nationals can obtain visas to Canada, to 10 from 5, and eventually to as many as 15 officeshttp://alt-right.ca/ohVN1

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