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    After WW2 the ethnic conception of nationality disappears 

    Before World War II liberal rights were understood among Western states in a libertarian and ethno-nationalistic way. Freedom of association, for example, was understood to include the right to refuse to associate with certain members of certain ethnic groups, even the right to discriminate in employment practices. This racial liberalism was not widely institutionalized right up until the 1960s: http://alt-right.ca/5E1Bv

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      To be white is to be racist, period. 

      According to the modern moral framework as it’s dictated to us by academia’s huddled rodents, the worst possible thing anyone can be is a racist. We are also increasingly lectured that all white people are racist—so racist, they don’t even realize it, even when they’re trying their best not to be racist. Therefore, it’s not a giant leap to assume that under the current moral Reich, the worst possible thing anyone can be is a white person: http://alt-right.ca/2w2xf

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        Canada To Go To War With Russia? 

        Britain said on Wednesday it will send fighter jets to Romania next year and the United States promised troops, tanks and artillery to Poland in NATO’s biggest military build-up on Russia’s borders since the Cold War.

        Germany, Canada and other NATO allies also pledged forces at a defense ministers meeting in Brussels on the same day two Russian warships armed with cruise missiles entered the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Denmark, underscoring East-West tensions: http://alt-right.ca/PrhUh

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          Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Destabilizing the Middle East 


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            Two Articles About Dividing Canada 

            The Solution to Canada’s Aboriginal Problem: Give Them a Country http://alt-right.ca/LLfRe

            A Quebec Reader of VDare Agrees Canada’s Immigration Policy Designed To Drown Separatism—But It’s Backfiring: http://alt-right.ca/1KHgK

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              Poll: Tons Of Millennials Love Communism, Think Bush Was Worse Than Stalin 

              More than one in five U.S. millennials would be open to backing a communist candidate, and a third believe George W. Bush killed more people than Joseph Stalin, according to a new poll released Monday: http://alt-right.ca/u48J6

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                An Open Letter To The University Of Toronto Regarding The Demands Made By The Black Liberation Collective 

                I was a speaker at the rally but was unable to convey this information due to the ensuing chaos and attempt at censorship through the use of a white noise machine. Please give this a read as it outlines important information regarding the group that attempted to silence Professor Peterson and the advocates of free speech.

                In his second video, Dr. Peterson speaks about the group called the Black Liberation Collective (BLC). This is the group that has issued a series of demands to the University of Toronto, and various other schools in North America. Their tactics are similar elsewhere, blocking streets, orchestrating sit-ins, and as we saw on Tuesday, silencing those who don’t completely buy into their agenda. There are ten demands from this group at U of T, one of which is the mandatory “anti-oppression” training program for everyone at the University. Administration has agreed to mandating HR staff undergo this program. The primary consulting group for the program is the BLC. The BLC however, is still demanding that a new breadth requirement be added for equity studies and also that all employees undertake this program.

                This is problematic not only because it is mandated (under the assumption that everyone is sufficiently racist to need this re-training program) but also because the BLC has absolutely no legitimacy to be the group consulting on this matter! Here is the BLC’s statement of principle “On Violence…”

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                  Caledonia: Judge sides with White person! — 10 years later 

                  Christie Blatchford: Judge rebukes police for putting ‘demands of occupiers’ over other Canadians…

                  “The OPP acted in accordance with a framework to put the demands of the occupiers ahead of the rights of other Canadian citizens,” Ontario Superior Court Judge Kim Carpenter-Gunn said in part last month: http://alt-right.ca/H4PjX

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                  Canada’s Minister Of International Trade On Free Trade With Europe… 

                  “My first point to make to everyone here is it’s incredibly important for us not to be in denial about the power of these sentiments which are sweeping the western industrialized world. This is real. Those of you who are older may remember there used to be a very, in the sort of ’60s and ’70s, a very popular Marxist notion of false consciousness. The idea was, if only the workers would be right thinking, they would understand who they needed to support.

                  …For us a huge competitive advantage that we can gain from being an effective open society, a society with a confident middle class that embraces opportunities in the world, is at a time when so much of the world is saying no to trade and saying no to the global economy, Canada is in a position to say yes. I really believe we are working hard for it to be a historic year. We’re working hard for it to be the year when CETA, the Canada EU Trade Accord, is signed.”

                  A recent pic of Chrystia Freeland, the Minister of International Trade…


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                    Toronto Star's business plan of handing stacks of free papers to homeless people at McDonald's every morning isn't working… 

                    Newspapers Seek Federal Help, Major Lobbying Push Made In Recent Months: http://alt-right.ca/WxuwQ

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