Making Canadians Ashamed Of Their History

Noah Richler: One more Pawn in the Anti-White Campaign

Within the world of contemporary politics there are many oddities, but nothing quite so odd as the mind-state of the Canadian liberal. These folks are a rare breed of political thinkers — the variety of whom, in a most paradoxical fashion, love to hate their own national heritage. This became transparent yet again in Noah Richler’s “Canadians must recognize the dark side of their history.” This article actually claims that White Canadians are still “unaware” of the “shameful chapters” in their history, the plight of the “First Nations,” the Komagata Maru incident, the turning away of Jewish refugees, the experience of the slaves and black United Empire Loyalists. Richler belongs to an aging 1980s generation with nothing to do, no new ideas, except to repeat what they heard from the 1960s generation: