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    Multicultural Historian: Early White Canadians Were Lazy Colonizers, Not Hardy Farmers 

    Daniel Panneton, a “Historian & Outreach Officer at Multicultural History Society of Ontario,” calls extremist my view that Canada was created by pioneers and settler farmers. He says it is “racist” and a “myth” to say that Canada was created by Euro-Canadians. The only historically accurate view of Canada’s past is that it was a “culture of white supremacy, a culture that is continually replicated and reshaped by our political and cultural institutions.”

    The notion that “Anglo-Celtic” settlers endure hardships in Canada working in their farms is a “myth”. Euro-Canadians were lazy colonizers who simply “usurp Indigenous lands rights” as their property, calling themselves “civilized” and designating the “Other” as uncivilized:  alt-right.ca/WRo3m

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      Suspended From Twitter For Threatening To Turn Seth Rogen Into Soap 

      Recently this happened:

      I sent an appeal to Twitter which read:


      It seems that I was suspended for a tweet which reads: “How Many Of Seth Rogen’s Ancestor’s Were Turned Into Soap?” which had a link to this blog post: https://www.hockey-sweater.com/2018/05/postwar-propaganda-how-many-of-seth.html

      I am not calling for or condoning turning anybody into soap.

      But if you read the blog post you’ll find that the whole idea that Germans turned Jews into soap during WW2 is made up. I even cite the Israeli documentary, ‘Soaps.’ https://vimeo.com/122055356

      I write a blog about how you have to be brainwashed into population replacement and the amount of teen suicide that that caused. You didn’t ban Seth Rogen when he lied about how there’s no conspiracy against white people: https://twitter.com/Sethrogen/status/644583018842165248

      Again I’m not calling for anybody to be turned into soap.


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        Two News Stories From Vancouver 

        A big part of Vancouver’s Canada Day Celebrations is not going to happen this year–the Canada Day Parade has been cancelled.

        That’s according to a note posted on the Canada Place website.

        “Please note that after careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to no longer host the Canada Day parade. As overall costs continue to increase for such a large event, we are focusing our resources on the core elements of Canada Day at Canada Place to ensure we can continue to produce the best possible event for all attendees,” the note reads.

        The City of Vancouver kicked off a year-long celebration of LGBTQ contributions to the cultural fabric of the city, proclaiming 2018 to be the ‘Year of the Queer’.

        The city raised rainbow and trans flags in front of City Hall on Wednesday to mark the year-long celebration. Two-spirited flags were also crafted and on display at the event.

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          Ontario NDP: C’mon Ms. Horwath, what’s the cost of Sanctuary Ontario? 

          On Tuesday morning — to kick off the third week of the Ontario election campaign — NDP leader Andrea Horwath was pressed at her media avail about the cost of declaring Ontario a sanctuary province.

          I was glad that the question was put to her since I’d been trying for two days, with little success, to find out from her assorted media handlers whether her crazy Sanctuary Province concept had been costed out  — especially in the wake of Toronto Mayor John Tory’s warnings last Friday that the flood of refugees into our Sanctuary City are creating a shelter and fiscal crisis.

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            All Immigrants Have Been A Problem 

            Long before America experienced its first immigrant wave in the 19th century, this was already a wildly successful country—rich, literate and free (with one glaring exception, soon to be corrected in the only war ever fought to end slavery). We’d won a war with Great Britain, conquered the West, and invented electricity, refrigeration, suspension bridges and a democratic republic.

            All immigrants have been a problem in their own way. Italian immigrants brought us organized crime, something America had never experienced before. Jewish immigrants brought us radicals, communists and anarchists, setting off bombs all over the place. Irish immigrants brought poverty and shocking levels of crime—also William Brennan and Teddy Kennedy, the two men who did more than any others to wreck our country.

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              Canada’s Illegal Invasion 

              • Jim Edwards 3:26 pm on July 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

                Cuk, do you realize that Faith Goldy is a hardcore Zionist and Israeli firster?

            • Hockey_Sweater 10:06 pm on May 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

              The Canadian Constitution Stands Against White Genocide 

              Don’t let them deceive you. Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) and the Multiculturalism Act of 1988 encourages Euro-Canadians to “preserve” and “enhance” their cultural heritage and ethnic identity. Section 27 of the Charter clearly states that the “Charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the preservation and enhancement” of the culture of all ethnic groups in Canada, including Euro-Canadians. The Multiculturalism Act clearly states that “all citizens,” including Euro-Canadians, “are equal and have the freedom to preserve, enhance and share their cultural heritage.” The racial identity of Euro-Canadians is part of this cultural heritage since this heritage was built by them.

              • Hockey_Sweater 10:01 pm on May 12, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

                Germany’s Bleak Future & The Information War 

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