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    100 Million Canadians 

    Canada’s major cities, and their hinterlands, are already congested and expensive. Infrastructure, such as public transit, has barely kept pace with population growth as it is. Toronto and Vancouver are now two of the most expensive places in the world to live, and property values have been grossly inflated, partly because of a huge influx of foreign money.

    Perhaps this is why the Trudeau government has just revealed another part of their vision of the New Canada: a pilot programme aims to settle immigrants in rural areas, ostensibly to fill labour shortages and skills gaps.

    Many Canadians will struggle to understand why the Liberal government neglected to encourage other Canadians to fill those needed jobs — especially when there is a history of success in doing so.

    There is, for example, a long-standing problem of seasonal unemployment in Atlantic Canada where fishing is the major industry, and workers often travel westward to Alberta to work in the oilsands in the off-season. But such inter-provincial cooperation may soon be a thing of the past.

    Canada’s young and aboriginal population are chronically underemployed, and this new immigration policy will make a bad problem even worse.

    However, I think there is a more sinister motive. The prospect of a huge influx of foreigners driving down the cost of labour and pricing Canadians out of the market is bad. The cultural and linguistic changes entailed might be even worse. But I suspect this will not bother the Liberals. The Trudeau government  thinks that a new population of immigrants will be entirely beholden to, and dependent upon, the Liberal Party. This new population will overwhelm the Conservative rural base outside major cities, and assure a loyal Liberal constituency for some time: alt-right.ca/nlykH

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      Ireland 2040 

      Ireland 2040″ is a 25 year Irish Government planning document which aims to import countless migrants into Ireland, largely from Africa.

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        On Yellow Vests and Monsters 

        Commenting on the political aspects of Shelley’s life and poetry, Virginia Woolf asserted in 1927 that the poet’s England “has already receded, and his fight, valiant though it is, seems to be with monsters who are a little out of date, and therefore slightly ridiculous.” Woolf was referring to Shelley’s nineteenth-century opposition to a system in which journalists were imprisoned for being disrespectful to the Prince Regent, men were stood in stocks for publishing attacks upon the Scriptures, weavers were executed upon the suspicion of treason, and boys (Shelley included) were expelled from Oxford for avowing their atheism. Dramatic in its own time and context, by the decadent mid-1920s such activism had indeed become a little anachronistic on paper, even if I disagree with Woolf that it had become slightly ridiculous. The exertion of political power, after all, is a monster that may change costume and migrate in certain seasons, but is also a fixed reality of human relations and therefore no more ridiculous, in any guise or era, than the people it rests upon.

        The profundity of Woolf’s comment, for me, therefore lies less in its discussion of Shelley’s poetry than in its exposure of Woolf’s own interwar sense of political security. It is this sense of political security that today seems the more out of date, and therefore slightly ridiculous, especially as we live in an age where the monsters of the past, present, and putative future, are perpetually invoked in all areas of life. Today, people are imprisoned for being disrespectful to certain races, men are stood in the postmodern equivalent of stocks for attacking certain ideologies, workers are today arrested more often for patriotism than treason, and children are threatened with expulsion for the new sin of ‘racism:’

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          Barbara Kay: Don’t ever question mass immigration or you’ll be instantly racist 

          Grubel notes that the average income taxes paid by immigrants since 1986 have been about one-half of those paid by non-immigrant Canadians. Yet immigrants absorb the same value of government services (not more, as some people would have you believe), so the difference between what immigrants pay in and take out amounts to not less than $5,000 a year per person, he calculates. Do the collective math and Grubel estimates that it comes to an annual $30 billion payout.

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            It happened again 

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              The Week In Holocaust 

              In the 1990s white people were so smart that they watched Wil Smith on TV and sent their kids to school with Asians, South Asians, and Arabs to give educators a chance to unracist them by Holocaust.

              Many of the same educators were sending their own kids to the whitest schools.

              And now there’s more:


              Holographic Jews will continue the legacy of going on and on about the Holocaust as the population is replaced by the 3rd World, for years to come.

              Holocaust studies was important in creating the idea that the Nazis gassed 10 million in downtown Germany and all the German school kids knew it was happening and did nothing from preventing them from gassing more.

              When Stalin killed more in peace time, educators were successful in creating the idea that the Germans systematically gassed 9 million people to death and that that happened within the borders of Germany proper.

              A quick look on Youtube found this video of an amateur historian visiting the Dachau concentration camp…

              It’s an important video because he’s retracing the footsteps of the zero Jews who were marched to the gas chambers at Dachau before zero of their bodies were cremated: The cremation taking place after a grand total of zero of them were gassed to death with Zyklon-B.

              After girls were disgusted with brown skin in elementary school and everyone forgot that that happened, exaggerating and making stuff up about Nazis was important in how educators worked with Hollywood to extend childhood developmental psychology.

              Jews and Turks have a problem becoming #POC allies with each other in their own homelands. So do blacks and Arabs. But they can do so easily over here after Spielberg and the school boards killed this boy…



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                Critical Reflections on Canadian Multiculturalism 

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                  Bernier Must Rally For The Right Cause 

                  But as if that wasn’t enough, Mad Max said another thing that made me want to get off my seat, holler for joy and rush off to the bank to buy a money gram for his campaign. Bernier said — are you ready for this — that if he formed the government, he would reduce Canada’s annual stratospheric immigration intake by 20%! Did you hear that? Twenty percent. Wow. Just imagine the enormous impact that would have on the housing crisis, homelessness, unemployment, urban sprawl, farmland loss, water shortages, the cost of living… I can’t even begin to comprehend it. And instead of having the highest per capita immigration intake in the world, tied with Australia, we would slip all the way down to number two:

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                    Rhonda Fink-Whitman Has Successfully Pushed For Four Years Of Holocaust Studies In Pennsylvania 

                    Rhonda Fink-Whitman, the author of 94 Maidens, can find college students who pay $30 000+ tuition and don’t know who Adolf Hitler is…

                    “Did you know that there’s still genocide still happening in Africa? And I can find an Asian girl who doesn’t know that Adolf Hitler systematically gassed 14 million Jews during the war. We need 5 years of Holocaust studies to prevent genocide from happening in Africa.”

                    It’s Rhonda Fink-Whitman that reminds me why the Holocaust happened in the first place.

                    Also Seth Rogen.

                    Rhonda Fink-Whitman could go into a homeless shelter and ask them if they know who Hitler is.

                    Did she see what’s been on TV for the past 40 years?

                    It’s girls who influence what boy is friends with what boy in elementary school.

                    Most of the minorities at my school didn’t look like Will Smith.

                    And even Will Smith wouldn’t be popular with good-looking white kids in grade 3.

                    Then in the early 1990s, after all of the homophobia AIDS created, rap music went mainstream.

                    After male minorities grew up interacting more with blond boys, redheads, and boys with freckles we unlearned racism by Holocaust and boys who looked like this rode a high…

                    Kip Kinkel

                    Columbine shooters

                    Dylan Roof

                    Then there’s the sexy men of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of Alt-Right hate killers…

                    Here’s the SPLC’s FULL LIST.

                    White nationalist James Fields has a Jewish mother

                    Devon Arthurs converted to Islam before

                    killing his Neo Nazi friends

                    Elliot Rodger isn’t white.

                    Christopher Harper-Mercer isn’t white.

                    Jeremy Christian

                    Samuel Woodward

                    Sean Urbanski

                    When I was in high school, when we unlearned racism by Rhonda Fink-Whitman and Jews and Hitler and Nazis, these guys would have done pretty good for themselves sitting in class with beautiful blond women and South Asian guys who felt genetically related to them.

                    As people watched blacks on TV my school kept most of them in remedial.

                    The Southern Poverty Law Center should do a study on how many people they killed since when they began flooding the country with people from racist 3rd World shitholes that still have human slavery so that they could come here and become victims of Adolf Hitler.

                    SPLC Admitting That Immigration To Replace Whites Was Planned…

                    “…Because people thought that they saw the shift in demographics happening if they clamped down on or limited immigration entirely you can change the demographics but you can’t BECAUSE THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN PLANNED FOR A WHILE…”

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