The Week In Holocaust

In the 1990s white people were so smart that they watched Wil Smith on TV and sent their kids to school with Asians, South Asians, and Arabs to give educators a chance to unracist them by Holocaust.

Many of the same educators were sending their own kids to the whitest schools.

And now there’s more:

Holographic Jews will continue the legacy of going on and on about the Holocaust as the population is replaced by the 3rd World, for years to come.

Holocaust studies was important in creating the idea that the Nazis gassed 10 million in downtown Germany and all the German school kids knew it was happening and did nothing from preventing them from gassing more.

When Stalin killed more in peace time, educators were successful in creating the idea that the Germans systematically gassed 9 million people to death and that that happened within the borders of Germany proper.

A quick look on Youtube found this video of an amateur historian visiting the Dachau concentration camp…

It’s an important video because he’s retracing the footsteps of the zero Jews who were marched to the gas chambers at Dachau before zero of their bodies were cremated: The cremation taking place after a grand total of zero of them were gassed to death with Zyklon-B.

After girls were disgusted with brown skin in elementary school and everyone forgot that that happened, exaggerating and making stuff up about Nazis was important in how educators worked with Hollywood to extend childhood developmental psychology.

Jews and Turks have a problem becoming #POC allies with each other in their own homelands. So do blacks and Arabs. But they can do so easily over here after Spielberg and the school boards killed this boy…