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    Professor Matthew Sears, University Of New Brunswick 

    How The X-Files Brainwashed America

    Boys who went to school with first generation Asians overestimated how many friends that they had growing up. 

    In grade 6 and junior high school a kid’s friends are the people they hang around with for three hours daily. Later on those are the ones who had affected them.

    The X-Files mimics the banter between two popular kids and, on a subconscious level, spirits the viewer back to middle school.

    With everybody in the same class in junior high school it gave unpopular kids the opportunity to hang around with popular ones for the first time. And with all of the homophobia created by AIDS everyone wanted to be mature.

    Then, with many moving away or going to different high schools, when I entered grade 9 people flipped out. For example, after tolerating a redhead for a year, kids would start high school and fly into a rage and have contempt for a skinny boy with dark hair and freckles. 

    And this was always on TV…

    “Scully: I just found a valley full of vampires. Do
    you want to camp out tonight with me
    and I’ll show you?”
    “I’m not going camping with you, Mulder. I already
    have a boyfriend. He lives in Vermont.
    Maybe I’ll talk to you on the phone
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      Give John Cleese Tenure At The University Of New Brunswick! 

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        My latest in depth, ground breaking documentary. It’s on the Rolling Stones 

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          And Then They Came for Ricardo Duchesne 

          HuffPo’s article, by one Nick Robins-Early, is such a clumsy, textbook example of a smear job it verges on being unintentionally amusing – like something The Onion might dish up: alt-right.ca/CpnBW

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            BuzzFeeds Latest Article On The Neo Nazi Alt-Right 

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              The European Idea Of Progress Supersedes The Axial Age 

              The Axial Age was the peak of cultural development for non-Europeans, whereas it was only the beginning of European creativity and genius in all the spheres of human life. Human creativity dried up after the Axial Age outside Europe. Subsequent changes were mere extensions of existing technologies, new territories brought under despotic rule, or mere revisions of the original cultural outlooks. History became cyclical, without progression, outside Europe. Is it any wonder that the Chinese conception of history never developed beyond the theory of dynastic cycles, and that only Europeans learned to write historical accounts, true conceptions of history with a sense of historical time from ancient to medieval to modern times? Europeans would indeed write the history of all the other peoples of the earth, including the history of the earth, the evolution of animals, and the history of the universe from the big bang to the present: alt-right.ca/xzzrh

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                Defend Ricardo Duchesne Against Radical Stalinists! 

                Professor Duchesne: An immigrant to this country
                Radical leftist Matthew Sears

                A few years ago some professors at the University of New Brunswick complained that they did not like Ricardo Duchesne’s political or philosophical views.

                Now a Huffington post article has put Duchesne’s tenure there back into the spotlight.

                Meanwhile Duchesne’s mortal enemy, Mathew Sears, gave an interview for Salon recently which dealt with how the election of Trump has led to anti-intellectualism where academics speaking out against Hitler are intimidated with threats and violence.

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                  Paul Joseph Watson: Facebook Calls me ‘Dangerous’ 

                  Facebook will shortly be put on legal notice about the harm that their actions have caused and will be mandated to turn over all information and internal discussions as to why I was designated as a “dangerous” person and why I was banned: alt-right.ca/kI4jI

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