Academics Connive Against Ricardo Duchesne

Agroup of closed-minded professors at my university, UNB, have launched an all-out attack against my academic reputation and freedom for the simple reason that I outgrew the juvenile ideas we were all forced to accept as undergrad students.

They managed to get two low IQ fake journalists to write hit pieces in the Huff Post. One of the key figures in this campaign is professor Gary Waite, who slips out in the second Huff Post piece that his colleagues had been “discussing how to best respond to Duchesne’s beliefs for more than a year“. This attack was well-planned. Over a hundred academics have now signed a letter (posted at the Huff) condemning my “extremist views” using typical labels intended to suppress ideas they can’t handle rationally and factually. These feminists can’t refute the fact that thousands of women have been sexually raped and assaulted by Muslim immigrants across Europe. Their “peer review” argument is that these charges are “racist” and “Islamophobic”: