Alt-Right Canada Supports John Cusack’s Criticism Of Jewish Influence!

Fox News:

“A bot got me,” Cusack tweeted. “I thought I was endorsing a pro Palestinian justice retweet – of an earlier post – it came I think from a different source – Shouldn’t Have retweeted.”

His tweets didn’t stop the growing backlash. Many also blasted his tweets blaming the “bot,” which critics called “absurd.”

Ali, one of the first to respond to the tweet, wrote: “This is disgusting.” In a later tweet, the freelance reporter added: “His bot excuse is absurd.”

The actor continued to try to explain the tweet, prompting one person to write: “John, just stop. Good god.”

Before Hollywood Mel Gibsons Cusack, I tweeted my support of him and said that his foray into anti-Semetism had some merit. For example, the Hollywood Jews were instrumental that time AIDS killed 30 million and its homophobia was downloaded onto the better-looking boys who had made friends with minorities first, in elementary school, through rap music suddenly going mainstream in 1990 and repetitive Holocaust studies.

But that was too much to write so I just mentioned 9/11…