‘Antisocial: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of the American Conversation,’ By Andrew Marantz

‘The New Yorker,’ writer Andrew Marantz has written a book exposing Nazis as the population continues to be replaced with the 3rd World.

After girls were disgusted with boys in elementary school and everyone’s forgotten that that had happened, they see the ones they had hated as being heterosexual.

It wasn’t an accident that after all of the homophobia AIDS created rap music went mainstream in 1990.

Kids sat in class with Asians and watched heterosexual black people on TV.

The valedictorian of my high school was a temperamental fat guy who was covered with boils as people paid it forwards and backwards, having contempt for others. And somehow we got gay positive through mass immigration while going on and on about the Holocaust.

Marantz has written a diatribe against the Alt-Right which is sure to be on university reading lists for years to come…

‘The Nation,’ just wrote a review of this book entitled, ‘Down The Alt-Right Rabbit Hole.’

It features two pop-up ads; one for Elizabeth Warren and the other for AOC…

Here’s an excerpt:

The world could certainly do with less cocktail-party coverage of right-wing organizing, but Marantz delivers a convincing mission statement by opening his book with a 50-page walkaround of the DeploraBall, the “alt-light” MAGA party at the National Press Club the night before Trump’s inauguration. Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes repeats a testosterone-fueled story about punching an anti-fascist protester in the mouth; billionaire tech venture capitalist Peter Thiel makes a brief appearance before returning to the shadows; a quiet, skinny white kid in a MAGA hat seems unsure of why he’s there; while outside, notorious white supremacist Richard Spencer—formally banned from attending—lurks on the margins, hoping to lure partygoers who prefer “a real dissident movement.” The account reads as a moment of chaotic convergence, as trolls, shock jocks, confused young people, and true fascist ideologues come into awkward alignment just as the toxic mix of ideas they represent are laundered by the mainstream press and begin to take hold of real policy.