The 1984 Movie, ‘Gremlins,’ Was The Canadian Version Of, ‘Married With Children’ 

Kids act like gremlins when adults aren’t around.

What was with all of the Asian kids in films in the 1980s?

It was to convince the richer white boys who had gone to school with a lot of Asians that they had Asian friends.

While you know mostly everyone in the class by grade 5, you’d only have 1.5 to 4 friends.

It’s common for a 12-year-old boy to have one best friend that he hangs around with all the time.

In the 1960s and 1980 college kids were more gay positive than blue collar kids.

By the 1990s and 2005 blue collar kids were more gay positive.

(Being gay positive meaning that you really didn’t care who was gay or not).

Here are three scenes from, ‘Gremlins,’ that you should watch before reading more…


In the late 1980s TV shows started to get edgy.

I’ll explain what, ‘Gremlins,’ is really about using characters from, ‘Married With Children.’

Here is the son of the show, Bud Bundy at age 10, and Al Bundy aged today…

The place is Toronto, Ontario – Year 1988

“Bud! Get in here!”

“Yeah, grand dad?”

“That Asian guy who runs the convenient store
was just here in a rage. He says you’ve been
stealing cigarettes from his store.”

“I didn’t grand dad. His son told me to 
wait outside and then gave me a pack.
It makes me feel special. He
 wouldn’t give cigarettes to
a boy with brown eyes
 or freckles.”

“But your lying.”

Well maybe he’d give cigarettes to the boy
with blond hair and freckles but I
think he has a girlfriend.”

“What? No I mean that Asian boy wouldn’t do 
anything like steal from his dad. I’ve been in
that store. He works alongside his father.
When’s the last time you mowed the

“Last week.”

“Ever since your mom ran away with that American
guy who came to Canada to get away from his
black ex-wife and they moved to Calgary
because it’s the most heterosexual
city in Canada and your dad
killed himself, I have
to take care of


“Plus I don’t want to do anything to piss Asians off.
We live next door to the mostly white hetero-
sexual country of atomic weapons and
black basketball players. They bombed
them; That’s why they’re over

“I gave the Asian store owner your mom’s 
smokeless ashtray. He was happy and
was on his way. What did you do
with the cigarettes?”

“Welllllll. I smoked one and gave the 
rest to some girls who are two 
years older than me and
we hung out for 10

Going to school with mostly white people and Asians and some other minorities, Canadian Bud Bundy was going to a poorer school.

There was a high turn over rate as people moved and went to other schools. Many of his former friends were gone.

Boys in grade 9 all thought that they had been popular in junior high school.

Few noticed when skinny boys dropped out and fat guys regained the popularity that they had in grades 5 and 6.

The Asians in General now had contempt for Bud as they now all paid attention to the boys who looked like him in Advanced.

Bud acted crazy but the people around him were acting crazy, too.

He went to the office and asked if he could be in advanced, too.

They said it was too late and he would have needed an at least 70% in the first place.

He smoked pot and really started stealing cigarettes.

He ran away from home and wound up in a mostly white town.

He hid out at a high school there, pretending he was a student.

Sleeping on the grounds a retired gym teacher who still volunteered found him and now Bud said that he just wanted to go home.

So he drove him home.

But after being gone for almost two weeks Bud’s grandfather began to suspect that he had been with a pedo.

And was doing drugs.

And Bud’s life went further downhill from there.

Amidst the homophobia AIDS had created, going to school with Asians marginalized the white male students. They were overly vain and immature.

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