Did Huawei bring down Nortel? Corporate espionage, theft, and the parallel rise and fall of two telecom giants

Jonathan Calof was on a tour of Huawei Technologies’ Shenzhen, China campus not long ago when he unexpectedly came across some familiar faces.

On a wall of fame for stars of the Chinese company were several former employees of Nortel, the Canadian telecommunications giant that suffered a spectacular collapse a decade ago.

“These are (now) Huawei employees associated with great technological accomplishments … and I recognized so many of them,” said Calof, a University of Ottawa business professor who was visiting the site with MBA students. “At one level you’re proud to be a Canadian, at the same time you’re upset to be a Canadian.” http://alt-right.ca/qIYHi

Also an article from 2012 called, ‘Nortel haked to pieces…’

Under mounting pressure to prove China-based hackers had infiltrated the vast global computer network of Nortel Networks Corp. all the way to the chief executive’s terminal, Brian Shields felt he had no choice but to go rogue.

Armed with nearly two decades doing security for the now-defunct Canadian company whose technology still powers telecommunications networks around the world, he had spent a day just before Christmas 2008 digging through the Web browsing history of then CEO Mike Zafirovski, known to colleagues as ‘Mike Z’. Mr. Shields was convinced there were criminals working on behalf of China’s Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. accessing the CEO’s files, but his hunch hadn’t been enough for his immediate bosses to grant him direct access to the top man’s PC: http://alt-right.ca/TR7PO