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    I expected this book to be attacked because it is written by an academic who questions the misleading ideology that all Western nations must be diversified 

    Finns who wish Finland to remain majority Finnish are supremacists. So are Italians, Spaniards, Norwegians — but not Japanese, Mexican, Chinese, Angolans, and every other non-white person.

    Matt McManus’s claim that I engage in scaremongering “by referencing an unspecified, but wide array of alleged acts of violence, rape, and so on committed by immigrants from non-white backgrounds” is a typical and very revealing demonstration of a) how ignorant academics are about the thousands of sexual assaults being committed by Muslims and immigrants across Europe, and b) how globalists have blatantly and shamelessly covered up the systematic raping of white girls just so to steamroll their anti-white agenda. There are numerous statistically oriented sources about this phenomenon, including by leftist media, which are finally starting to acknowledge this reality. Here are just a few: herehereherehereherehereherehereherehere.

    McManus says that “perhaps the weakest feature of Duchesne’s book is his discussion of liberalism and multi-cultural theory as it stands today, as mainly presented in Parts Two and Three of the book.” Yet he never discusses these parts, but instead says that “Duchesne’s argument largely pivots around his Schmittian claim that contemporary liberalism lacks a sufficient concept of the political,” a claim I make in a chapter on Carl Schmitt in Part Four. It appears that McManus has not read Schmitt and Part Four: alt-right.ca/nYirW

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    Won’t Somebody Think About Richard Warman For Once? 

    At this very moment a lonely Richard Warman is walking through an Ottawa alleyway kicking a can.

    This country’s human rights commissions have been too effective in stomping out the rise of Nazism in Canada.

    Now you can help Richard Warman by giving him something to do.

    For only $17.99 you can get a domain and hosting from NameCheap.com.

    Start a website and call it the, ‘Neo Nazi Party of Canada.’ Be sure to fill it with spinning skulls and Confederate flags. And use phrases like, ‘When we convince people that the Holocaust never happened they’ll be so outraged they’ll want to wipe Israel off of the map for once and for all.’

    You don’t have to be a real Nazi to do it and your money spent will be going to a good cause. While Richard Warman may feign outrage it will be a real pick-me-up for him.

    Act now!

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    After Destroying San Francisco, Diversity Sets Its Sights On New Hampshire 

    “Excuse me, sir: Which way is New Hampshire?”

    New Hampshire, currently being featured as too white and thus needing a dose of diversity good and hard, ranks third among the 50 states in both 8th grade reading and math on the federal NAEP school achievement test. In FBI crime stats, New Hampshire has the lowest homicide rate in the country.


    Residents of San Francisco may need to wear flowers, not only in their hair, but also covering their entire bodies. Not for decoration, however, but to mask the odor of a new feature of the streets of San Francisco.


    And it’s been making the national news, a veritable emblem of what the city has become. The newly inaugurated San Francisco mayor is London Breed, who, as an aside, has a perfect 1960s name. Interviewed after her inauguration, the Daily Caller noted that she observed that the streets of her city “are flooded with the excrement of the homeless.”

    In other words, San Francisco has become Poop City.


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    Self-Deception is Intrinsic to Conservative Support for Diversity 

    We often hear conservatives and liberals are alike in their support for immigration and globalism. This is true politically speaking. Deep down, however, within their inner beings, conservatives are very unhappy with the way diversity has been eroding the whiteness of their nations. They go along with diversification because they are terrified of the leftist taboo against white identity politics: alt-right.ca/qqckN

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    Ethnic Cleansing of Whites in Canada 

    To millions of Canadians, open borders, globalism, diversity and multiculturalism are an existential threat to our sovereignty and identity of the Canada that we love and used to fight for. I have become, almost overnight, a demographic conservative; an immigration minimalist and a civilizationalist. I simply do not want my children and grandchildren to become a minority, a small part of a “gorgeous mosaic,” in their own homeland: alt-right.ca/3akSQ

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    In case you haven’t heard, Canada has a border crisis on its hands 

    To all but the wilfully blind, the deceitful deniers and the dangerously delusional, it is blatantly evident that growing numbers of migrants are deliberately and flagrantly in contravention of Canadian border law and international treaties.

    It is clear that where Roxham Road in Champlain, NY meets Quebec, our laws are not being enforced, our generosity is being abused and our border is wide open to anyone who wants to walk in and avail themselves of the friendly assistance of the Royal Canadian Mounted Bellhop Police: alt-right.ca/mvZPh

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    Multicultural Historian: Early White Canadians Were Lazy Colonizers, Not Hardy Farmers 

    Daniel Panneton, a “Historian & Outreach Officer at Multicultural History Society of Ontario,” calls extremist my view that Canada was created by pioneers and settler farmers. He says it is “racist” and a “myth” to say that Canada was created by Euro-Canadians. The only historically accurate view of Canada’s past is that it was a “culture of white supremacy, a culture that is continually replicated and reshaped by our political and cultural institutions.”

    The notion that “Anglo-Celtic” settlers endure hardships in Canada working in their farms is a “myth”. Euro-Canadians were lazy colonizers who simply “usurp Indigenous lands rights” as their property, calling themselves “civilized” and designating the “Other” as uncivilized:  alt-right.ca/WRo3m

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    Numbers Lie: Canada Lets In Over 800 000 A Year 

    I wonder how the public would feel if they knew the real total intake for 2016 was 848,000 people and not 260,000 as the poll claims?

    Even the number of permanent residents was off as a perusal of the latest report to Parliament by The Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen, PC., M.P. Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship will attest to.

    In 2016, Canada welcomed more than 296,000 permanent residents, which is close to our new, ongoing target of 300,000 that we aim to achieve in 2017.

    In 2018 the government hopes to reach between 290,00 and 310,000 and in 2019 as many as 350,000 permanent residents.

    But even that doesn’t tell the full story, which we can find in the report to Parliament on the 2016 numbers.

    296,000 permanent residents, this includes 62,000 refugees

    286,000 temporary foreign workers

    266,000 international students

    TOTAL: 848,000

    More: alt-right.ca/EyWh4

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    Canada Needs Less Immigration 

    Canada Needs Less Immigration

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    Why does Steven Pinker insist that European national identity must be civic, based on political values alone, without ever mentioning the ethnic state of Israel with its massive wall? 

    At the core of Pinker’s Enlightenment ideal is the expectation that one should provide reasons for one’s beliefs. What are Pinker’s reasons for his selective demonization of European identitarians? There is a lot of psychological projection in Enlightenment Now. Pinker projects his own irrational feelings about protecting Jewish identity onto White identitarians, pretending he is the embodiment of Enlightenment ideals, while calling European populists “blatantly irrational” and “tribal,” but never caring to “adduce reasons” as to why populists may want to protect their culture. His portrayal of Nietzsche as a juvenile thinker who “argued that it’s good to be a callous, egoistic, megalomaniacal sociopath” (p. 444) can be categorized as a callous and egoistic treatment of the scholarship on Nietzsche. Why would books on Nietzsche occupy so many shelves across all Western universities, written mostly by academics who are liberal and embrace Enlightenment values, if he was just some guy calling for “heroic glory by exterminating some chattering dwarves”?

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