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    Buttigieg Uses a 9-Year-Old Boy As An LGBT Political Prop During A Rally 

    Here’s a comment someone once left me on Reddit…

    The person started to come to that conclusion in junior high school when his older brother joked that his best friend was his boyfriend.

    Yesterday, a 9-year-old came out of the closet at a Buttigieg rally…

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

    There are no gay 9-year-olds.

    Boys are openly attracted to each other and kids are too young to figure out whether they’re gay or straight.

    August, 2018…

    And I also got called a, ‘pedo,’ a lot on Reddit.

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      Racist White American Jews 

      From the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin:

      Two Chicago-area Jewish attorneys are suing the nation’s largest Jewish religious movement, alleging the organization’s call for reparations for slavery amounted to libel of all American Jews and, by imputation, the two of them.

      Mark A. Stang, owner of the Stang Law Firm in Highland Park, filed the federal complaint against the Union for Reform Judaism, its president, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, and its vice president, Rabbi Jonah Pesner. The suit seeks $1.8 million in compensatory damages and $6 million in punitive damages.

      Pesner, director of the URJ’s Religious Action Center, authored an op-ed published by the Chicago Tribune in mid-December, days before the URJ hosted its 5,000-attendee Biennial conference at McCormick Place.

      In the opinion piece, Pesner advocated for more introspection and action by the American Jewish community toward issues of racism and discrimination.

      During the five-day convention, the URJ passed a resolution calling for the creation of a federal commission to study proposals for reparations to descendants of enslaved people: https://www.chicagolawbulletin.com/jewish-lawyers-sue-reform-movement-over-reparations-oped,-vote-20200203

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        Canadian Anti-Hate Network Releases Open Letter to The Manning Foundation’s C2C Journal 

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          Only the Russian media is reporting on the protests in France 

          Flyntlarry on Reddit said:

          In case you were wondering, yes, the French are still protesting. And yes, the police are still tear-gassing them.

          It is only the Russian media that is reporting it in English.It’s really hard to look at these protests in France and not compare and contrast them with the protests in Hong Kong.

          The comparison is that large numbers of people are rioting and being tear gassed. The protests look very similar.

          The first major contrast would be the fact that the French have actual demands that could be negotiated, but the government simply refuses to engage them, whereas the Hong Kong protesters do not have any clear demands, and are simply planning to kill cops in a vague plan to overthrow the government.

          Further, the French are pointing to actual, visible corruption and graft in the government, which the Hong Kong rioters have not done.

          The second major contrast is that the entire global media is silent on the French protests, while the Hong Kong protests, we are told, are the most important thing on earth, and something that Americans and others should be extremely concerned about.

          Another difference is that Hong Kong protesters are attacking civilians who disagree with their revolutionary agenda, and in some cases, burning older, nationalistic Hong Kong citizens alive. This is designed to create fear among the public so as to prevent counter demonstrations.

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            NBC Calls “Great Replacement” And “White Genocide” Conspiracy Theories 

            NBC News recently echo-chambered the template SHOCK! HORROR! Stephen-Miller-reads-American Renaissance-and-VDARE.com story. In this case, Jared Taylorand I struck back by email about the usual smears against us: https://vdare.com/posts/nbc-just-can-t-stop-smearing-american-renaissance-vdare-com

            VDare’s litigation camapign: https://vdare.com/legal-defense-fund

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              According to internal government documents obtained by Global News, Canada has a secret program that allows certain “high-profile” foreign nationals who would otherwise be barred from entering the country due to national security concerns, war crimes, human rights violations and organized crime to be granted special “public policy” entry visas so long as it is in Canada’s “national interest:” http://alt-right.ca/gg5ep

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                Why Are Whites Dying of Despair? 

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                  Hope Not Hate EXPOSED 

                  Millennial Woes on how the Antifa organization doxxed him… 

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                    “When it comes to whites we see no resistance of any kind” 

                    Some believe the Western democracies are somehow preventing the white majority from organizing en masse to resist their own racial “displacement,” but this is a laughable excuse. First, white nationalists are a very small percentage of the population of North America and Western Europe. That few whites actively sympathize with white nationalist causes is empirically supported by numerous surveys and questionnaires. For example, in the US, the Institute of Government and Public Affairs has published data showing that white majority opposition to school integration and interracial marriage, once common during the 1940s and 1950s, has largely evaporated: alt-right.ca/hYRKB

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                      When Everyone Hated Bob Rae And Wil Wheaton 

                      Wil Wheaton became the first member of Twitter to get 500 000 followers.

                      In 1993, when the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series, then Ontario premiere Bob Rae was in attendance and got booed by everyone.

                      Rae had become the first and only NDP leader of Ontario: The 1990 election saw the Peterson Liberals defeated and the unions getting their man in.

                      But once in office Rae didn’t act like a socialist.

                      A new, ‘Social Contract,’ ‘Rae Days,’ and generous welfare payments made him unpopular with many.

                      Infact, if you were in high school in 1993 and you hit Bob Rae in the face with a snowball your teachers would buy you beer. He was that unpopular with public servants.

                      But 20 years later Rae would be the leader of the federal Liberal Party and all was forgotten.

                      When Wil Wheaton attained 500 000 followers many of those fans had hated him when they had been younger.

                      One thing about me is that I’m no ordinary blogger.

                      I’m really an android that was built on the secret Nazi base in Antarctica and sent here to drive Warren Kinsella crazy.

                      Image result for site:hockey-sweater.com android

                      One of the things I’ve noticed about you humanoids is that you’re fickle.

                      Very, very fickle.

                      One day you want the SS to come and put Bob Rae and Wil Wheaton in boxcars heading for eastern Poland. The next you actually like them.

                      You people like Bob Rae and Wil Wheaton.


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